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Pastor Tom Ravasio

"I have had cowboy blood running through my veins since I was a child.

My first words were, Dad can I have a horse?!"

Tom Ravasio is Founder and Director of Shekinah Ranch Camp, a non profit organization that encourages youth to encounter God through the use of horses, sports and recreation.

Tom is the author of the "LORD OF THE HORSES" book series; Five prophetic, apocolyptic and evangelistic books that describe the fictional life of the white horse that is mentioned in Revelation 19:11. Tom has been very active in ministry since turning his life over to Jesus Christ in 1982. He has traveled to over 27 countries doing missionary work, and currently serves as the Administrative and Counseling Pastor of

Journey By Grace Free Methodist Church.

Tom is a graduate of Trinity College of New Port Richey, Florida. He is married to his wife of over 30 years, Karen. Together they have three grown daughters, April, Kalyn and Mikayla and three grandsons.

The Ravasio's currently reside in Monongahela, Pennsylvania.​​​​​​​